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Interactive storyline



The Sandmen web-series is unique worldwide, deploying a first-ever interactive approach to the storyline.

The storyline evolves depending on actual player participation in an annual airsoft event, based on the tactical considerations and outcome of each airsoft game. Players assume the role of both central Sandmen IP characters (in most cases the actors themselves portray their character in the games) and peripheral characters. For example, individual airsoft players may decide they want to play as "raiders" , "Sandmen", or part of the New Athens Army. They are then placed under the command of individual IP characters, who provide them with tasks and goals to be achieved. Interaction between factions and players can take place as airsoft combat, diplomacy, alliance, deception, and betrayal, all the while in pursuit of the specified goals assigned to each team.

The scenario is then played out, and a varied resolution of quests and challenges takes place within the allotted time frame. While there are no "winners" in such an event, most certainly specific teams may attain tactical superiority, and this is reflected in the storyline.

For example, the events portrayed in Sandmen Part One closely follow the course of the Airsoft game  "Sandmen S.E.R.E." which was sponsored by the SANDMEN Airsoft Club (www.airsoft.gr) in 2010. During this game, the Wolves Raider team acquired both the Codes and managed to snatch Bobkid out of the hands of the New Athens Army.  The webisodes that were then filmed as a consequence correlate to this turn of events precisely, and the leader of the winning team was chosen to portray Dapontis in the series.

This Live Action Role Playing concept is perhaps unique worldwide, and offers the player complete immersion in the character he or she is portraying.