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"Trapped in a never-ending nightmare.
Haunted by ghosts of my past.
Seeking myself in a realm of despair,
Where the next step may be my last."

Maria Laskari was the daughter of a Greek diplomat who perished in the nuclear strikes in the Middle East in 2018. Her mother died from radiation poisoning while searching for her husband a few months after the Saudi disaster.

No one expected a 7-year old orphan to survive in the midst of war, looting, rape. But she endured.

She became a hardened veteran at the age of seven. Her body was raped, but she was not. She became sick and hungry, and fought her enemies. She hunted and killed in order to survive. She became a slave and a murderer. She spent two decades among beggars, thieves and adventurers.

But she also lived among hardened soldiers who taught her the art of war... people who gained power over others and became the local rulers of the future states. She became a human chameleon. She transformed her personality and her appearance in accord with the people and the circumstances around her.

But the sum of these experiences had a terrible impact on her. She forgot who she really was. The only time she could remember things from her past was when she was sleeping, and the only things she could remember then were the nightmares.   She believed she had dreamed of The End even before societal collapse had occurred. She could not recall when it all started. Everything was mixed up in her mind.