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"I am ShadowJack, half-man, half-other.
I used to be a university professor,
Teaching young men and women the riddle of steel.
Now I am metal myself, part machine,
Father, brother, teacher, friend,
Cybernetic Assassin."


Jack is dead.

Before the End, at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, in a cutting-edge research project funded by the European Union, scientists managed to copy the memories of visiting American professor John Damon onto a computer array. The resulting AI program eventually became self-aware.

When a terrorist strike blew his brains out (literally), the professor was pronounced legally dead, and a Nobel Laureate surgeon, having been instrumental in similar NATO projects in the past, was successful in inscribing the artificial intelligence program 'John Damon' onto the brain structure of the dead professor, interfacing what was left of his left frontal lobe, medulla and thalamus with microprocessors.

The personality that arose from this experiment is a cyborg entity, the spectre of the dead professor, 'Shadow-Jack' as he calls himself. The AI program that was the original replication of the professor's personality continues to exist as an all-powerful digital entity, 'father' to seven others of its kind, a creature of electricity and logic residing in space, watching, waiting, rarely participating in the affairs of Man.