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The Macee

"I'll surely slip the bonds of Earth And dance the skies on silver wings; Sunward I'll climb, and join the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds, — and do a hundred things You have not dreamed of...."


Chris Markou, The Macee, grew up in what had been Athens Airport. His parents were pilots at the only airline that managed to survive the last desperate years of successive mergers, foreclosures, forfeits and bankruptcies. He became enchanted with the magic of flight when his father took him up at the age of three. Right then he decided to become a pilot himself. But the End caught up with his dreams, and his parents were lost in the riots.

 He managed to survive, though. And in one of his expeditions to a forgotten basement of the airport, he found a flight suit and an old helmet in a trunk. The chest also contained a long-forgotten letter that described a very special type of machine that could teach him to fly, as well as blueprints for a new type of airplane that could operate on solar power. The old letter gave some references as to where the flight simulator had been buried in a bunker beneath the ground. He discovered that the antique helmet and the flight suit had been enhanced with circuitry and microprocessors that would somehow interface with the flight simulator and unlock the secrets of the solar-powered airplane.

 Somewhere along the way to find these treasures he encountered the Sandmen and walked with them.