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Historically, the Greek people have always had a tendency towards anarchy and lawlessness. When the Decline made itself felt, this lawlessness increased exponentially, finally fully-manifesting during the End with the formal establishment of criminal gangs holding territories throughout the rural areas of what had once been Greece. The people who remained in the cities and towns began calling these gangs "raiders", a generalized term for the semi-nomadic bandit gangs.

Raiders typically pillage, plunder, murder, or otherwise ruin the day of anyone unfortunate enough not to be one of them..

They are organized in loose confederations, as a rule using an animal totem to identify one another. Raiders normally prey upon travelers and very small towns, leaving cities and larger urban areas alone, but occasionally become powerful enough to threaten the sovereign territory of city-states.

Nothing concerns them but survival. They typically use ambushes and group tactics to overpower their victims. Individual raider-bands sometimes join forces against larger targets. They will even bring women and children along to further augment their advantage in combat. These raider-children are typically allotted melee weapons, but occasionally use firearms as well, wandering around combat zones picking off the wounded and carrying their spoils back to the band's chieftain.